About us

Jason and myself  live on a small hobby farm in Stewiacke, NS. Our jobs allow for us to be flexible which allows us the opportunity to spend quality time with our dogs. All our bullmastiffs live in our house (not a kennel) which allows us to know each of them personally.

We have always admired the Bullmastiff breed. What can I say it was our dream dog... After owning 3 wonderful rottweilers over the years and spending an unbelievable amount of time researching the bullmastiff breed and breeders we finally purchased our first Bullmastiff  "Fergi" in 2006 Let's just say she is everything we ever could have wanted in a dog, she was truly a bundle of Joy!  We knew from the day we picked her up there would never be another breed for us.

With over a decade breeding now, our first litter was born in 2009 we are very proud of our program and what we have produced, and will continue to strive to improve on the breed. Over our time we have produced the Top bullmastiff in Canada 2015 and 2016, multiple Champions, Multiple Best In Show winners, Best in Specialty winners, Best Puppy in Show etc...

We are current members of both the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and BMC (Bullmastiff Fanciers of Canada) 

We are active in showing our bullmastiffs thru the CKC and AKC kennel clubs in conformation - I have personally started to show our dogs but if I am unable to we always entrust our dogs with our close friend and professional  handler Terri-Lee Foley Cossar CPHA.

We feel that our approach to raising our puppies is what produces such phenomenal family dogs they are raised from day one with constant hands on attention.

Our grandaughter Abby at 2 yrs with Tyson 16 weeks

We are very selective in our breeding program in order to continue to improve the bullmastiff breed, all of our dogs have had proper OFA Health testing done and are shown and proven in the conformation show ring before being bred, We generally only produce one litter per year.


CH. Pine Ridge's Dare to Dream "AKA" Roxi

June 2012